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YES on Proposition 15

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Cities need additional resources to fund Bay Smart infrastructure

Aging stormwater systems that fail to keep trash and contaminants out of our creeks and the Bay, more frequent flooding caused by sea-level rise that put our communities at risk, and pollution from traffic congestion that continues to harm the health of people and the environment all require significant investments that our cities struggle to afford.

Save The Bay Action Fund supports Proposition 15 because it will provide important new local funding and allow us to better protect our communities against the impacts of climate change, while improving the health the Bay for people and wildlife.

In the face of growing environmental challenges, our cities and counties can’t afford corporations continuing to avoid paying their fair share.

Save The Bay Action Fund supports increased funding for schools and communities, and urges you to vote YES on Proposition 15.

Proposition 15 FAQ

Protecting our communities and the Bay from pollution, sea-level rise, and climate threats takes resources. Proposition 15 will free up public funding for those investments by updating a 40-year old property-assessment system so that corporations pay their fair share. The economic downturn from the Covid-19 pandemic has caused municipal budget deficits at a time when public health and other services are urgently needed. We can’t afford to have cities and counties cut essential services and delay crucial community protections because of an outdated, unfair corporate tax break.
Bay Area voters support responsible solutions to sea-level rise, flooding and pollution of the Bay, but local governments struggle to fund the projects that protect people, communities, and water against these threats. By closing a tax break for corporations, Proposition 15 will provide cities and counties with more revenue to implement Bay Smart:Climate Smart solutions.
More than 92% of all revenue raised by Proposition 15 would come from the top 10% of commercial properties, and the measure includes important protections for small businesses. All commercial property valued at less than $3 million is exempt, and small businesses will also benefit from a new tax deduction for personal property used for business purposes.
By making corporations pay their fair share, Proposition 15 enables municipalities to fund services and invest in public infrastructure without increasing regressive sales taxes that disproportionately increase costs for lower-income residents.