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YES on 67. NO on 65. It’s time for California voters to send out-of-state polluters packing once and for all.

the facts about plastic bags:

  • California’s rivers, ocean & communities are all connected. Millions of plastic bags from other cities still flow into our shared waterways.
  • Disposable plastic bags entangle, suffocate, and poison hundreds of animal species worldwide, including sea turtles, birds, and marine mammals.
  • Out-of-state companies are pouring millions of dollars into this election to try to block California’s bag ban law, putting their profits ahead of our environment.
  • Our oceans are a critical natural resource. Prop. 67 will help reduce plastic pollution and keep the oceans healthier for people and wildlife.

of the 13 to 20 billion plastic bags California uses every year are recycled


of the world's seabirds already have plastic in their guts


California cities and counties have already banned plastic bags


reduction of plastic bags reported in waterways of communities with bag bans already in place


"I will vote Yes on Prop. 67 and help spread the word."

Vote Yes on Prop. 67

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